Our Business

Techno Guyz is a company of building and entertaining with the power of technology.


Today Techno Guyz stands as a company who builds up others dreams. And entertains people through it's content and we hope to grow on that.

How it all Started

Over the many years Techno Guyz has started out as many things and has had many names. The main beginning started out with Dean. Years ago he began a company called Faith Technology Solutions. This company was small and its main strong point was basic Computer Software fixes and Networking. As the years went by Dean’s son DJ decided he wanted to create a company originally called the DMC Club (DJ, Marlon, and Cody). Which DJ created with a couple of his friends specializing in Computer fixes. Around this same time Dean created a new company, Alpha Computer Consulting, specializing in IT Services.

Some years later DJ renamed his Club Techno Guyz with the help of his friend’s still continuing specialization in Computer Fixes. Later Alpha Computer Consulting is annulled and turned into 101 Computer Solutions with the help of Dean’s wife Melissa.

After many years of struggle and getting ground. DJ begins to specialize in Websites and Entertainment Media as well as Computers. Eventually Dean, DJ, and Melissa come together and lead with the name Techno Guyz making it the Repair, IT, Website, and Entertainment Company it is today.